ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

Colonel O'Neill and the time loop

SG-1 . Season 4, Episode 6

Window of Opportunity

I love this one!
I almost died of laughter.

Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c have a recurring case of déja-vu, but it's much worse, they really recall what happened ten hours ago on SG-1's mission to a planet where a device at an altar near its star-gate throws them back in time, yet Daniel nor Sam recollect anything so SGC refuses to believe them, they're tested, found medically OK, the general calls the mission off when Sam feels it might actually be some time-distortion, but that doesn't work. They learn to be more convincing, so they can go to the planet, but there a certain Malikai proves a problem. Their only hope is to help Daniel decipher the inscriptions on pictures of the altar over many, many time-loops, after Sam helps them make sense of what must be happening; meanwhile Daniel gives them the naughty idea they can get away with pretty much any pranking, as everything reverts to normal unharmed anyhow...
Tags: funny thing
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