ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

Alexei Yagudin 2002 Olympics LP

my favourite skater ever!!!!

His performance skills, his energy. Not to mention his skating... he makes it look so easy! With normal people you can see they put extra effort into their jumps, but with Alexei it's just like any other part of the program... seemingly effortless.
2003 Skate Canada Farewell Speech

2003 Stars On Ice "RACING"

 Olympics 2002 Exhibition Overcome

2002 HCOI "Typewriter"

 Moon Over Bourbon Street

 2003 Courchevel Show 'Feelings'

Yagudin has been my favorite skater all these years. Powerful, beautiful, artistic, speedy, skillful, passionate and sensational. It's always a pure joy to watch him skate. He can bring audience into the imaginary world he creates on ice
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