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More of Jotun Loki!!

want to see Loki acknowledge and process his Frost Giant heritage

Because they fear what he could become without their labels and restrains.

They can’t control him without their unending classification of unworthy, as just the God of Mischief.

For Loki to obtain the redemption everyone claims he needs so badly, what he really has to do is to reclaim ownership of his true identity from the suffocating, controlling lies of hypocritical Odin and all of Asgard.

I want to see him learn to accept himself as he is.

I want to see him learn to value himself for everything that he is; a trickster, a God, a frost giant.

Not in spite of being a jotun, but because he is a jotun (or part jotun.)

I want to see him realize he has ice powers.

I want to see him use these powers to defend himself.

I want to see him struggle with this, realize his real inherent worth, build upon his own identity and overcome 1000+ years of lies and mocking.

I want to see him get a fright for his own reflection like this as he gets used to having another natural appearance.

Seriously now… He is Loki of Asgard, the God of Mischief, but..

“What more than that?”

It’s not about changing who he is. He has always been worthy. He just needs to realize it for himself.

More of Jotun Loki!!
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