ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

what's a wonderful day! :)

this morning I woke up early and long lay with my eyes closed, listening to the rain scratching a window pane. (nice weather!) slowly I crept out of bed, wrapped myself in a bathrobe; shook from the pillows blissfully sleeping cat, threatening him for the umpteenth time, all I know of penalties, including deportation to the corridor to the night. lazily dragged into the kitchen behind a deep spit on my threats cheerfully jumping cat, looking forward to the next portion of canned food. I fed blatant animal, looked into the cupboard, threw the empty cans from the coffee. I opened the fridge - and found no cheese in it(!) I sighed, I returned to the bedroom, crawled under the blanket and summed up: no coffee, no cheese - no happiness! :)))))))))))))))))) 

then I remind myself about this new beautiful day. I certainly woke up and took cold shower. then I went to the store and bought fresh coffee and cheese. what's the beautiful song of my new coffe maker! :) my red bandit (cat) even tried to tell "meow" asking me about cheese.)) and was absolutely happy to take few pieces. poor adam (my red cat), he is also as not talkative as me. they say, our pets are very alike to us.)))
now he sits on the sill very pleased with himself and looks in the window on the first rays of the sun after the rain. mmmm... I smell my fresh coffee and cheese... what's a wnderful day! what's a good life!!! :)))))))))))))))

Tags: adam, funny thing

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