ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

Nelson v. Murdock

That’s what you get for taking Punjabi instead of Spanish with me just to chase a girl.

Accurate transcript of the bar scene in Nelson v Murdock

Foggy: I’m with you, for better or worse.

Matt: Haha, sounds like we’re getting married haha

Matt: haha like how funny would it be if we actually did that haha

Matt: haha it would be hilarious if we like decided to spend the rest of our lives together haha

Matt: haha it would be so funny if we just kissed right now or whatever and you let me spend eternity treasuring you or something haha

Foggy: I love our little jokes!

Matt: *laughs* *sobbing internally*

I brought you a change of clothes.

Tags: daredevil

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    there’s a hummingbird called the booted racket-tail and i actually dont really have anything to say beyond like. dude. look at him

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