ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

Matt breaks Nuke out of the military facility but in the process, he is hurt, and knowing nowhere else to take him, Matt takes him to the Bugle… also the shot of a blind man driving a car is pretty great.

We’re Murdocks… We always get up…

[ID: In a slightly abstract style, Matt is shown from the waist up, pushing himself off the ground in the rain. Raindrops bounce off his body. Blood drips from his nose, mouth, chest, and from under a thin black band wrapped over his eyes. He’s not wearing a shirt, but he is wearing black wrist braces or finger-less gloves. His teeth are gritted with determination. (And I feel that it’s important to mention that his brown hair is still fluffy despite the rain.)]    : the-artist-dantesa

Tags: dd art

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