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Charlie Cox discusses the nature of nostalgia with his co-stars from Harold Pinter’s Betrayal. They stopped by in between performances to share insights and behind-the-scenes stories about how this daring, visionary production came together.

You guys also swapped roles for Halloween [Charlie] dressed up as Loki and Tom, you dressed up as Daredevil, so who’s idea was this?
[Tom’s] idea. It was a great idea.

‘Goodbye Betrayal Broadway. What a phenomenal group of humans to spend the past few months learning from and being around. I feel so lucky to have been a part of something that was so purely about the art and love and respect for one another. It was a master class. I love this group of people and I love this play. Thank you Jamie Lloyd, Tom Hiddleston, Zawe Ashton, Jesmille Darbouze, Eddie Arnold’

Tom Hiddleston gives an emotionally charged farewell speech after the final performance of Betrayal
on Broadway, 8th December 2019 in New York City

“ found out that night Tom’s a piano man!

Tom Hiddleston - Betrayal Broadway / Flossing with Emma Lyles and Phoenix Journey, the two little girls who play Tom/Robert’s child in the play (Dec 07, 2019 / via theriseofphoenixj on IG Story).

Tom Hiddleston - Betrayal Broadway / Tom flossing (via emma_lyles on IG) /
See gifset from a video shared by theriseofphoenixj.

Tom Hiddleston with Zawe Ashton and their onstage daughters at Sardi’s in NYC
on December 5, 2019, where Tom was honored for his performance in “Betrayal” on Broadway.

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