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Just a reminder that declawing is mutilation. I’m not being dramatic, it’s an amputation. Multiple amputations in fact because you are taking the distal part of their toes off.

Just to give people a little visual representation of the human-equivalent to cat declawing. The red dotted lines are the lines of amputation.

In order to remove the claw, the entirety of the distal phalanges must be amputated. Distal phalanges, for those of you not overly familiar with anatomical terms, is the fancy science way of saying YOUR GODDAMN FINGER TIPS.

So yeah, maybe keep that in mind next time you consider getting a cat and/or start despairing over some scratched furniture.

*  found that many cat owners have no idea how inhumane this procedure is. Please, never declaw your cats. It can cause brutal arthritis and behavioral changes down the road, and I can promise you no furniture is worth the pain it causes your cat. There are tons of humane alternatives to declawing.

Источник: vet-and-wild
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