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“I think from the moment he meets Karen he feels like she sees through everything; he feels like she looks at him and she sees everything that he’s perhaps trying to hide. So we’ve been playing with the idea that, if at all possible, when he’s with Karen he has his glasses on - because it’s like he feels naked without them.” - Charlie Cox

“Frank Castle shows up and, initially, I don’t think it even occurs to him that people might draw comparisons between Daredevil and Frank Castle, but the first person to do so is perhaps the person he cares about the most: Karen Page. And when she says that, I think it knocks his socks off. How could you even think that these two people - talking about himself - how could anyone think that they’re in any way the same? But of course, as soon as that sinks in, he realizes that she’s absolutely right. They are in so many ways, and it’s only their methods that differ. And I think that causes immense emotional distress for Matt and it forces him to completely reconsider everything that he laid to rest in terms of who he is and whether or not he has the right to engage in vigilante justice in this world.” - Charlie Cox x
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