ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

daredevil interacts with the xmen a fair amount but no one’s ever called him out on being matt murdock but that doesnt mean they havent figured it out it means telepaths are just really polite

on the other hand psylocke did read his mind once and almost lost her gourd cos his brain is such a fucking nightmare of crazy sensory input overstimulation and mental illness. maybe no one DOES know who daredevil is bc the other telepaths value their sanity too much to try and dig into the psyche of a blind catholic man who runs around dressed like the devil

Or just the fact that he has an actual sixth sense, which he relies on as heavily as we rely on sight. Most folk would be incapable of even processing that, it would make them go crazy trying. It would be like looking at a 4th-dimensional object, you just can’t understand it.

Matt Murdock: *full of depression, catholic guilt, unbridled rage, constant sensory filtration, and dumbass cockiness; overall a human disaster* telepaths: nah we’re good, got our own issues, keep your identity dude, get some help

the other telepaths take one look at psylocke’s thousand yard stare and are like “NOPE” and it is never mentioned again

I like the idea the if your mind is too different from the average, telepaths will be like “I have no idea how any of this works, so I will just fuck off”


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