ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

Things Matt Murdock CAN’T Do

Things Matt Murdock CAN’T Do:

- Read a clock, watch, etc.

- Read signs (street signs, menus, etc.)

- Use a tablet without assistive technology

- Read a blackboard, etc.

- Know what kind of bills he’s handling without some kind of special identifying techniques

- Differentiate between customers and staff when he walks into a store

- Knowing what bus is coming to the bus stop

- Recognize colors, textures, or fine detail

- Recognize objects with ambiguous shapes (such as telling the difference between a cardboard box and a square footstool without having to touch them)

- Tell if a store has moved and/or been replaced with a different one

- Pick out wrapping paper

- Listen to music using earbuds and still be able to walk around unaided

- Immediately tell if someone is naked or if they are just wearing form-fitting clothing

- Wear matching clothing without having to have a labeling system

- Know what his best friend looks like

tl;dr: A lot of things you take for granted

Tags: daredevil

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