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I actually decided I wanted David halfway through writing Episode Three. And every moment after that, I was writing Crowley for David. Every moment before that, I was writing ‘a Crowley’, but it was the scene 1941, in the Blitz, where I realized: I’m writing a scene in a church, Aziraphale is in there, there are Nazi spies, he thinks he’s being really clever, but actually he’s not, he’s in all sorts of trouble and Crowley has to come down the aisle of the church and rescue him. And of course, Crowley is now on consecrated ground - so he’s like a man on really, really hot sand on the beach. He’s walking down like: ‘ow, ow, ow, ow, ow’. And I’m writing the scene and I thought: David Tennant. There is no other human being I could think of who I want to do this scene. - Neil Gaiman, March 2019, SXSW

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