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The Confessional Scene - 1.01 Into The Ring

In terms of direction, this scene is interesting for its immobility. This place is dark and small. It’s a confessional, so you don’t get to see anymore that is necessary. Hushed noises in the background are those typical of a church.

Sunglasses with lens in a shade of red come into view. It’s one of the major detail of the whole scene. These glasses mean something; they’re a symbol, a reminder, a shield.

One of the most amazing monologues of the history of tv-series starts soon after. I confess, the first time I watched this scene, my heart was in my throat and at the end I found myself leaning toward the screen, enthralled.

Considering what happens later, the fact that Matt Murdock feels the need to talk about his father is game changing. Sometimes you’re presented with the main character of a tv-show that goes aroung doing his business, and you know nothing about his motives. Everything gets into focus in later passages, but almost never at the beginning.

I’m not saying that this confessional scene is enough to explain the depth of Matt’s personality, but it definitely gives you an important piece of information.

You get the clear impression of anger, paired with some dark feeling creeping up Matt’s face, all dipped in pain and a quiet suffering.

Everything is fixed, nothing’s moving; nothing apart from his expression, his blind eyes, his lips, his calm and deep voice filling up the small space. While the camera lingers on Matt’s profile, you see Father Lantom’s figure outlined in the background, a silent and solid presence that stands witness.

And when Matt wears his glasses, it’s almost as if a mask has settled onto his face.
Suddenly the atmosphere changes.
And when everything fades, the screams start.

Ignoring doesn’t change anything, Matthew. God knows your heart. Let him in so he can help
Even if that heart is damaged?
Especially if it’s damaged

Источник: darkness-on-the-edge-of-murdock
Tags: daredevil

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