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Loki takes over Hall H ~ San Diego Comic Con, 20th July 2013

‘I wrote this little monologue which is really a kind of pastiche of other things I’d done in ‘Avengers’. And then I just sort of improvised it. I’ve got to be honest; I was waiting backstage and I just heard that every single X-Men who has ever walked the earth had been on stage before and I was a little nervous. And I thought Well, hopefully if I just commit to it, it’ll go well. And I thought, I could always get them to chant my name if it doesn’t work. And I walked out, and the very first thing they started doing was chant my name. And that was really surprising… I felt a kind of adrenaline rush like I’ve never felt.’

Tom Hiddleston literally o w n i n g Hall H as Loki, SDCC 2013

Classic Hiddles Moments: Loki takes over Hall H ~ San Diego Comic Con, 20th July 2013

Some old theater actor friends of mine have said that on opening night of a play in the theater, the adrenaline goes through an actor's body because of the excitement and the terror. And the electric charge of being an actor and the audience is similar to that, which is the experience of going through a car crash. And I felt a kind of adrenaline rush like I've never felt.

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