ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

Robert Carlyle Personal Promo

Reblogging again because Bobby’s attitude and physicality here demand it.  LOL He knows exactly what he’s doing from the first, so confident - and so graceful; his movements are so beautiful. That 2nd one, with his hands on his …hips, sigh, looking down - those hands. Why is he looking down ? Why?

The third one is just unfair. So aside from that gorgeous white shirt and peek of chest, we get to see this man in jeans, with that belt sort of dropping……..those jeans, urgh…. Trying NOT to stare, but not succeeding.

LOL the last one with his swivelling? his arms folded across his chest? That smile?  Bobby almost seems to know how attractive he is  and desirable he is….and if he doesn’t, then he’s sure faking it well.

Tags: robert carlyle

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