November 26th, 2009


pronouncements (hugh laurie)

Speech at the service of the Golden Globes:
"I have no words. Seriously, I do not "speech". People climb over backwards to offer you free shoes and free cufflinks and flushing the stomach for two. Nobody sends thank-you free speech. This should be just marketologicheskoe omission. I would be glad if I had the opportunity to speak with a speech by Dolce and Gabbana. "

Speech at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards 2007:
"I - Britain, which explains why I was so pleasant. He added: "It feels like this business, at least for the actors, more is not how you're doing or not doing a good job - but that fell or dropped you a chance to do a good job."
"I know everyone says that they have a wonderful team, but it certainly can not be true. We can not all be wonderful. Somebody somewhere is working with a team of drunken thieves. But it's not me. "

Speech at a Television Critics Awards 2006:
"As this award a couple of months ago I was lucky to visit the American Tournament in Indianapolis, won, as always, Michael Schumacher ... He is a world champion racing, Formula One, for seven years. But even his most ardent admirers must admit that something must be done so that he's the fastest car. People are competing with unequal facilities. If, for example, it is - running races, and Michael Schumacher starts running in racing shoes, but the man next to him - in a laced oxfords, and another man next to him running in stilettos, a man in the other lane has a pair of west - Highland White Terriers ... The same thing is happening in the actor's individual solutions ... I feel myself in the position of a man who is very, very fast car ... Every day I go to work, knowing what an honor to sit behind the wheel of such a remarkable character named House .

About Cambridge:
"I went there to boating, rowing and I was doing, so as not to upset her father. Forgive me athletes - a miserable sport. Officially, I studied anthropology, but it just was one of the items that could be studied, spending 8 hours a day on the river. "

A new hobby:
"Every weekend I was in the ring, I became almost obsessed with boxing - no aspect of the struggle itself, and the technical aspect. I find boxing incredibly exciting, because it is physically realized as a game of chess, but a thousand times faster.

About the group:
"I have no time for rehearsal, so I usually go on stage, trying to remember what song we play, and only in the last verse, I think something like" Ah, so it was that song! ".

About money matters:
"When I meet with their financial advisors, I very quickly just turn off and I can not concentrate. I barely was serving until the end of the meeting and signed everything that they want me to sign, and it is stupid of me to confess, because I'll be exposed to all types of attack! "

A paradox of his profession:
"Fulfilling the role of the doctor, I get more money than my father, just trying to portray the profession."

On the education of his daughter:
"Girls - very complicated. Instruction for the upbringing of girls is 800 pages, where there are no sections 14, 19, 26 and 32, moreover, it has been poorly translated and it is difficult to understand. "

On its glory (to houses):
"What's really good in my career, so this is what I know only those people whom I really like me - and this is excellent."

On the property of humor:
"I probably use humor to avoid coming closer to people in such a bizarre way. Makes people laugh - it is to exercise a kind of cowardice. Humor can relate intimate things, but it is also partly separates you from the man. "

On his sexuality:
"I think this is absurd. I can somehow understand that playing a sexual character. The idea of a flawed genius - this is interesting, intriguing character, but this does not apply to me ... I think anyone would play this role would be now in the same situation as me. "

About the actor:
"I was horrified to realize that the world no longer needed actors. There are so many great actors, that even a fool like me, who joined at the end of the queue seems completely inappropriate. "

About counterpart - the actress Jennifer Morrison:
Jennifer Morrison? Yes, you just look at it - do not know how, do not know, but damn sweet! But seriously, it has a unique talent to please people. And in general - wonderful girl! "

"My career - a real mess. No consistency, no plan and roads. I just randomly exchanged from one to another. My goal? I'm still looking for her. "

About diplomas:
"Sometimes I want to be on the wall of diplomas and be qualified in some other areas, such as surgery. But I have nothing, not even cast a diploma.

On the loss:
"As far as I can remember in my life I have never invited a girl to dance, never invited a girl to walk and has never been at a party."

On American TV:
"I think your TV needs to be addressed. Just slap on the ass! "

The difficulties with an American accent:
"It was as if someone is playing a tennis racket, and you have in the hands of salmon.

On fatigue:
"You, young Americans leave. You need a National Day of Tequila. We in England, the better. "

On their minds:
"I do not like to think more than 15 minutes actually.

About age:
"I have long lost all hope of adulthood. I strayed from the path and got stuck somewhere around 10 years. "

About love for music:
"I can sit down at the piano as if for five minutes, but when I look at the clock for three o'clock in the morning."

On lies:
"I almost never lie to others. Only me.

On its ethical behavior (unlike houses):
"In real life, of course, can not immediately understand, with a good or a bad person you are dealing. It's only on TV you can immediately understand what's what.

On appeal immoral House:
"Name the 10 up people among your friends!? You can not, thank God, it is you do not need. Universe would be perfect. "

On matters of the heart Hausa:
- What's wrong with my heart dear doctor?
- 125 to 80, pulse 55, as calmly Uelskoe cemetery.

On success:
"I'm not looking for a superstitious reason for the success of our show. I'm afraid that if I find her, the show is over.

On his vezuchesti:
"I've never had to really pay for what I do and sometimes I am tormented by conscience on this matter.

On Happiness:
"When I'm happy, I feel uneasy. If things go well, I start to worry. And I'm very happy when I'm sad. "

The fact that his fame has not changed:
"The only reason that I did not change, it's because I was greedy, selfish with a penchant for weapons, cocaine and sadomasochism, when got here."

On its hostility to secular outlets:
"Instead of hanging out I just sit at home staring at the wall. By a lucky chance on it hangs a huge plasma TV. "

On how he keeps himself in the form:
"I'm running 6.8 miles a day, plus lifting weights and doing aerobics instead of lunch. And I very much lying, and it helps me lose weight. "

Their preferences:
- "Hey! Thou Hugh Laurie! "/" Hey! " You're House! "- A hail you prefer?
- I would rather they both hail "Hey! You Angela Lansbury.

On his relation to the rumors:
"Can I start a rumor and refute it in one sentence? I'm not pregnant. "

On how not to forget their roots:
"And I play cricket and practiced in sarcasm with an English tutor every Wednesday.

The differences between the Americans and British:
- How do you say: «Gimme a coffee», «Can I get a coffee», «You wanna gimme a coffee» or «May I have a coffee, please? Not hurry. When you've got a moment »?
- It's a trick question, is not it? I prefer tea.

On its English roots:
- You still ispolzuesh British accent?
- Only when making love.

The benefits of Fame:
"Last night some of us went to the bar, which is just bursting with people. I thought we would never enter. But metrdotel threw one glance, time, and - "Here, Mr. Laurie. Here's your table, Mr. Laurie. We are here at your service, Mr. Laurie. "I thought:" Yes, vozomzhno, people really watch [episodes]. "

Prospects Hausa, he be moved to prison:
"House would have learned how to make ends meet in prison. He probably would have found the dealer and the smuggling carried there would be my iPod. Soon enough, he would exchange it for a comfortable bed and crisp potato chips.

The fact that for success has a price:
"I can not walk down the street, not thinking about that now my head fall off the piano."

About life in Los Angeles:
"Los Angeles is built on optimism, enthusiasm and illusions. People say that when you can live in this city and not go quietly mad, is limited. This damn sunny in every aspect - and the weather, both socially and professionally. "

On his profession:
"I can not say that I like to be an actor. I just did not understand what else could be the business of my life. "

On Happiness:
"I'm cautiously themselves with happiness. It's a trap and delusion. Sometimes it is very good as a steak and chips, but it is the goal? "

On my vocation:
"I do not feel like an actor. It should feel like an actor? Similarly, not as I do. "

About dislike for yourself:
"Lord, sometimes I'm sick of myself."