March 2nd, 2010


cheese and olives :)

Cheese and olives! Ow, I like it very much!  

Even my cat likes it. When I open tin of olives... He is there in one second with his tail raised up, those greedy eyes and even "meow!".)))
Once my cat even put his paw into tin! He used his claws as fork to steal olive!! :) Very smart cat!

Oh! And we both very like cheese! There I'm ready to do "meow" miself! :)
I like cheese with coffee.  I like cheese with dry wine. I like cheese with apple. I like cheese with tomato. Actually I like chees with everything.))  

Mmm...  Try canape with sheese and appele - it's delicious. Or canape with pear and white cheese - very delicate...
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