May 5th, 2010


The Best Con Ever!

Peter thanks all after PWFC con in San Antonio this weekend

in his podcast blog!.html

It is hard to see how we top that.  

I feel like I always say that at the end of a PWFC Con, but this time...

It was everything I ever hope for in a gathering. The conversation was lively, challenging and illuminating. The atmosphere was filled with the spirit of respect and warmth and generosity. There was so much laughter and fun, a sense of wild abandon, where people could risk making fools of themselves (which we did!) and yet still feel safe because they knew they were amongst their ‘Family”, people who would understand.

And to top it off, in an economy which is on its knees, at a time when I thought we would struggle to reach three figures let alone four, we auctioned items for Project Edan and Uncef and raised over eighty six hundred dollars!

Astounding! A testament to the big hearts and generous spirits of the members of my Fan Club, a club now celebrating 15 years in existence, making me feel both humble and enormously proud.

Thank You. A huge, deep,  and heartfelt,

May 4, 2010

Just About The Best Con Ever!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.

Thank you for the gifts you bestowed upon me and my son, and the warmth of the welcome you offered my friends who came to Texas to share with you a weekend like no other.

I’ll try to create a little of the feel of the event for those of you who couldn’t make it. I’ll do a post or two with some of the short video clips I shot in the city and also one or two from before and after the concert and I’ll publish them here over the next few days.

But really, you had to be there.