December 26th, 2010


A wonderful Xmas message from Peter Wingfield AKA "Methos"


The annual CHristmas speech, a very British tradition. HRH (The Queen) makes it all look so effortless, doesn’t she?. But then, she has speech writers and lighting folks and a camera team, not to mention years of dignified service and deportment training. Me, I have years of pretending to be people I am clearly and demonstrably not.
And it just all gets to be so difficult at this time of year anyway, doesn’t it? The craziness takes over. The shopping, the wrapping, the hiding of the presents under the bed. When it’s finally under control and I have a moment to myself, suddenly competence in the simplest of tasks eludes me. First the rain won’t let up, then the camera won’t focus properly, then the words come out sounding like nonsense. When all I am trying to do is say a simple “Happy Holidays” and “Good wishes for the New Year”.
How pathetically I have struggled to get this missive to the clouds.
Nonetheless, here is the annual Christmas epistle, offered in good spirits (several glasses of them) to all who would partake.

 Happy Holidays all!

(from PW podcast archive