May 2nd, 2013


Rumbelle thoughts….

Thinking about this pair

Apparently Lacey and Gold have been “kissing a lot” and no curse has been broken. I’m thinking its because neither one of them truly loves the other. Lacey only seems to like Mr. Gold because he is dangerous and a bad boy and will beat the shit out of anyone who looks at her the wrong way. Rumple loves Belle. Lacey looks like Belle and was once Belle, but now she is Lacey. I get the feeling that Rumple has hit some kind of bottom. He went through all this trouble to make a curse that would get him to a land without magic so he could be reunited with his son.
When he finally finds his son, Neal doesn’t want anything to do with him. Neal doesn’t care what his father went through to find him because if Rumple would have just listened to him at the start, there would have been no need to go and find him! They haven’t seen each other in a a few hundred years. Rumple doesn’t know what to do. Rumple had found love with Belle, but had all these plans to get back his son, that he needed his power for, that he sent her away. When he heard that Belle had died, he was devastated. He had so much regret. He loved her, but he couldn’t give up on his boy.

Then in Storybrooke, he finds out Belle is alive. He wants to make all those years up to her, but is having a hard time giving up magic still. He tells her its because he needs to find his son. She understands and just wants him to be a better person. He wants to be a better person. I feel like all his life [before he was the Dark One] he was a good person, or at least the best person he could be. and everyone kept pushing him away and putting him down.

As the Dark One he had the power and the confidence to stand up for himself. He still had love and good intentions, he just had a bad way of showing them now. Kinda like, well you guys pushed me around when I was nice, so Fuck you! Type of deal. Was it the right way of going about things? No.
But before he got all the power, he did have good intentions. So when Belle got shot, he didn’t know what to do.
She didn’t remember him. Over 28 years of thinking she was dead and then finally getting her back into his life, gone. Because he showed Hook mercy. I think that was the [obviously] the first nudge off the edge. He was trying so hard to be a better person. Trying so hard to be the man he was. And it bites him in the ass.

Then when he finally finds his son, he is so desperate he offers to turn back time and make Neal a kid again. Neal doesn’t want to be a kid again. I don’t think Neal knows what he wants out of his father. Except maybe the man behind the magic. That’s all Neal ever wanted. But Rumple can’t see that or understand it. He can do anything with magic. He doesn’t realize that the people he cares about most don’t care if he is all powerful.
They love him for who he was. So when they all go back to Storybrooke and Rumple is trying to reach out to Belle and Regina fucks it up [again], that’s it for him. He is falling off the edge now.


He tries to connect with Lacey, but Lacey isn’t Belle. And when he realizes that, that’s when he hits bottom. The two people in the whole world who loved him are gone. Belle is Lacey and Neal doesn’t want anything to do with him. In the sneak peak for next week, Neal tells Rumple he hadn’t changed at all and that he doesn’t know why he thought he would be changed. Rumple yells at Neal too, wondering why then, is he still in Storybrooke.

You can see how hurt Rumple is when he says this. He tried so hard. He lied, cheated, and stole all so he could get things into place, so he could get to where his son was, so he could tell him that he loved him, so they could be a family again. His whole life revolved around getting his son back. He found love as well. And all that is gone now.
Everything he fought for, everything he loved, gone. He needs Belle. Belle makes him want to be a better person. Belle accepts him for all his flaws. She doesn’t agree with him all the time, but she knows there is good in him and she is willing to wait for him to see that. Belle made Rumple feel like his non cursed self.

Without Belle, Rumple is back to his newly Dark One’d self. Where he has good intentions, but a really stupid way of showing them. He wants to make Lacey love him, but I don’t think he will ever truly love Lacey.
Lacey isn’t the woman he loves, she doesn’t care about the “good” in him, she likes the bad boy. Lacey doesn’t love him. She loves the image, she loves the danger, she loves the thrill. Also the fact that it seems like Rumple will do anything she asks doesn’t hurt either. Rumple is on the bottom. He will take what he can get. He wants Belle, he wants to be close to her. Lacey’s personality is wearing Belles face.

He will take that over nothing and watching other men with his woman. So if neither one of them loves each other, that’s why true loves kiss isn’t working. Everyone is hoping that sex will change Belle back. But you don’t need to be in love to have sex. Also, “family show”, remember? Whatever happens to Lacey to remember that she is Belle will probably be something we haven’t though of yet.
Only two episodes left. And we know RumBelle will get interrupted again. The writers hate us. Or they are just being mean cause they know we will watch the show just to see what happens. All I know is that I’m scared to see what happens. Cause I know they either won’t let us have our happy Rumbelle ending, or that he will tease us and separate the two of them. Aurg.


OUaT S02E19: Meet Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Why I did NOT like the portrayal of Robin Hood here? You know Once Upon a Time frequently does this. They tell the viewers that person _______ is a “Hero.” And through no deductive reasoning of our own, we’re just supposed to accept that. But we don’t. We think for ourselves. Now concerning Robin Hood, let’s examine the facts.

Robin Hood broke into Rumple’s castle. Took one of his magic wands. Then, Hood tried to kill Rumple. Now, in what alternate universe does that make one “heroic”? And we know he was desperate, because Marion was sick, and pregnant. However, he could have approached the Blue Fairy, or made a fair trade for the wand...

Furthermore, to excuse Robin’s behavior, because he was desperate and lives were at steak, is to excuse the evil that the so-called “villains” commit. IMO, there was nothing “heroic” about Robin Hood’s actions. And we know some people may disagree, and that’s fine. We’ll agree to disagree.