July 1st, 2013


The Monster's Facade

lovely fic by MidStorm
about what face of Rumpelstiltskin we prefer
Prompted by Antikryptonite: During someone’s visit to the Dark Castle or a trip out somewhere with Belle, she sees him transform into an ordinary looking man, and later, asks him why he chooses to appear the way he does on a regular basis.

A cloud of purple smoke enveloped him, she breathed in the magic that once smelled foreign to her but now was a familiar, almost comforting scent. As the cloud faded away there stood Rumple in all his scaly and leather glory.

“This, dearie, is who I really am,” he said his voice a slightly higher pitch as he waved his arms theatrically. “A monster.”

“You are not a monster,” she whispered walking closer to him, touching his face lightly. Belle was definitely going to start embroidering tomorrow.

“You can’t tell me you prefer this face.”

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