July 15th, 2013


Some People WIll Never Learn

ha ha ha. stupid, stupid charming! he'll never learn... ))))))))))
absolutely lovely and funny story by Crysania
The 5 times David/Charming walked in on Gold/Rumple and Belle and caught them in the act.

Charming stormed into the castle, too angry and upset to even worry about the fact that the castle he was storming was, in fact, the Dark Castle. Home to one of the most feared beings in the realms, it wasn’t a place to be trifled with. The magic could easily repel him. It had before. Yet this time he was able to stride right past the defenses and into the main hall.

“What have you done to Snow?” The words were out of his mouth before he even had a chance to look closely at the imp. He was, as he usually was found, sitting at his spinning wheel, one hand resting gracefully on the still wheel.  It seemed he did little else besides create potions and spin at his wheel. But this time everything was different. Seated on the bench next to him, perhaps a little closer than Charming felt comfortable with, was a beautiful young woman. His eyebrows shot up as he realized her hand rested on the imp’s thigh and the two were leaning close together. Tension hung in the air, a sort of thick strange uncomfortable feeling he wasn’t used to feeling in the imp’s presence. Oh he definitely felt uncomfortable around him in general, but that was more due to the strange quicksilver movements and the often oddly flirtatious bent to the imp's gestures and facial expressions. He had once questioned Ella, the only other person he knew personally who had had some contact with him, on that and she was quick to assure him that she had found him much the same way.

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