September 5th, 2013


Hug Theory

humorous story
by Outtie

Young tries to hug Rush into submission, but we'll see who ends up getting the last laugh.

Dr. Rush was not a hugger. In fact if anyone came near him with any hugging intentions he would back away and try to find a way to escape the area or at least maneuver himself out of the calculated grasping range of any suspected hugger.

Colonel Young being a life-long hugger had noticed immediately that Rush resisted all his best hugging ploys, including the side-by-side backslapping bro-hug that Young had thought worked on everybody. But not on Doctor Nicholas Rush, not only would Dr. Rush not allow Col. Young to hug him, the man even avoiding being touched! Young had even noticed Rush flinch occasionally when someone got close to touching him. If Rush was unfortunate enough to be caught unawares and hugged against his will he did his level best to slither out of it as soon as possible and it appeared he was more than willing to throw a punch if need be. Young knew that from personal experience.

But Colonel Everett Young was determined to change that. You see Young believed in hugging like some people believe in prayer. He was sure that hugs could cure any illness of the mind or spirit and he wasn't entirely sure how medical doctors cured anybody without prescribing copious amounts of hugs to their patients before and after their operations and he was doubly sure that a regular dose of hugs could cure whatever mental illness or social problems Nicholas Rush was displaying.

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