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December 8th, 2013


Dealing With Pain

story by Helena25
after justice and blue aliens
Rush returns on Destiny after the "land-slide" and he is - changed. He has to deal with his past, his present, fluctuating between the man he was before Gloria s death and the man he is now.

"No, sir, not yet, " TJ was gently thrusting him out of the infirmary. " He is, as far as I could judge, relatively unharmed, he just needs to sleep it off. The concussion was not a severe one and, all in all , I think Dr. Rush has had a great deal of luck."

Yeah, sure, the Colonel thought grimly, a great deal of luck.

Before stepping outside he turned around and threw a wary glance at the still form of Rush. The haggard face, tight with pain - the knowledge of what ordeal the man must have passed through - struck him with an almost physical force. Struggling for self-reassurance, he bit the remorse back. No. The bastard did all this to himself, and he, Young, just would not go saddled with the guilt till the end of his days. So that is there. He. Did. It. To. Himself.

"Call me as soon as he wakes."

TJ did exactly that. Three hours later.

Young paused just for a second outside the infirmary, bracing himself for the onset of the infuriated scientist, for the hurl of his words, possibly shouts. For the truth which Rush would reveal and which Young would deny. For the revelation.

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