December 21st, 2013


Kino Vision Number 11

story by  EllieV

The kino observes Wray make the mistake of asking Rush what he's been working on.

The kino rewound and paused at another confrontation but this one wasn't Rush versus Young. Indeed, for once, the two of them were fairly polite to each other. It was the weekly meeting and Rush was there. The kino didn't know why; they were generally held during meals so people didn't get pulled away from whatever busy nothings they did when they weren't complaining. Rush didn't usually go because he didn't have nothings. He was just busy. He wasn't, admittedly, taking much notice of anything that was said; he was writing in his notebook.

The kino could see Rush make note of its presence as he glanced up at one point and it could see Lt Johansen follow Rush's gaze. Her face held disapproval. She nudged Greer and said something in a low voice the kino couldn't catch. Greer made a gesture the kino read as asking Johansen if she wanted him to remove the kino from the mess. She shook her head. Just as Colonel Young came in followed by Lt Scott, she got up casually and sat next to Rush. He didn't notice her. Greer followed and sat at the same table. Greer lifted a finger and wagged a 'no' at the kino. Not for the first time with Greer, the kino wished it had fingers.

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