December 24th, 2013


She Was Right

story by ladypredator

A bit of a ramble through TJ's head post "Divided" plus an appearance by Vanessa James.

Nicholas Rush was slowly recovering from the emergency surgery; pushing to become mobile and active sooner than he probably should. He got bored too quickly and a bored Rush was an impossible-to-deal-with Rush - even more so than usual.

Young was tiptoeing around the fact that everyone knew he'd deliberately left Rush to die on the planet with the crashed alien ship, plus the fact that leaving him had led to two alien attempts, two nearly successful attempts, to take over Destiny.

Camile Wray was doing her own dance around her failed coup attempt, even though almost all of the civilian population had supported her.

The scientists, in particular, remained furious over what Young had done to Rush and over the military's control of their lives. Volker, Park and Brody had somewhat surprisingly settled into being their de facto leaders while Rush recovered and all were consistent in their disdainful and distrustful attitude towards anyone in a uniform.

As word got around about the real reasons behind the civilian 'mutiny', there were mumblings and a severe morale drop among the military personnel. They believed in the chain of command, but few were happy that their commander had attempted to murder their lead scientist. No one liked Nicholas Rush, he wasn't the easiest of people to get along with, but they all knew full well that he was very likely their one and only chance to stay alive and maybe see Earth again.

TJ had done her best to treat Rush, even though he'd been openly suspicious of her. Chloe and the scientists had done their best to make sure someone non-military was with him as much as possible. But there were still late nights when it was just TJ, Lt. Vanessa James, who had unfortunately drawn the combination nurse-slash-guard duty, and a bed-ridden, and very pained and irritable Rush.

The two women were sitting together on one of those nights watching Rush toss and turn in his sleep. TJ was keeping her eyes on his IV, which he'd already pulled out of his arm multiple times in the turmoil of his constant nightmares. She didn't want to think about what he was dreaming of when he woke up screaming and flailing, yanking on the IV cord. Those screams were enough by themselves to haunt her own sleep.

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