January 2nd, 2014


Team playing

story by EasyThereGenius
Author says: Before Destiny, there was the project that got them to Destiny. And every project, no matter how cool and space-faring and being about aliens and everything, is subject to team meetings. BUT Dr Rush is not, perhaps, a team player.

Dr Rush is not, perhaps, a team player.

It's something Camille may later place on her personnel records on Destiny, and indeed it endures as a phrase in the records of faculty staff where Professor Rush used to teach. As a scientist, Rush is famous in his field. As a difficult bastard, he's infamous. It's a quirk in the way that history records itself - genius is memorable, but cantankerousness is legendary.

Arguably a minor coup has been achieved by the very fact of Rush's attendance at this team meeting. He is even early. In many people, arriving early is a sign of their dedication and enthusiasm: in Rush it's a conscious act of defiance, his opening salvo in what's about to become a minor war of attrition. Arriving early, he can pick his chair and fix every new arrival with a fierce glare that dares them to open their mouths when "any other business" hoves into view at the end of the agenda.

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