April 21st, 2014


Rumple’s taste in books

Holy cow. I was rewatching Quiet Minds and I just became intrigued as to what books he had on his shelf. So, I started looking closely (and zooming in with my phone camera) and noticed a few VERY interesting selections:

1) Pandora- this is to the left of that big volume Lumiere referenced. I needed my camera phone to make the title out beyond fuzziness. Reaction? Holy shit!

2) Next to it? This appears to be an H.G. Wells book, I THINK “The Time Machine”. How appropriate if so !

3) Directly under the big volume is “Selected Writings - Modern Business”. LOL - again, how appropriate - for both Rumple and Gold.

4) in the next bookcase over, same shelf as Modern Business is a book by Kathleen Morris called “Heartbreaking Melody”. One of Belle’s books ?

Maybe I’m a dork, but I found this so interesting

~ thank betsypaige22