ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

don’t touch him, bitch!

- how you Rumple's fans can bear it?
- we drink
- a lot
- also we read porno

  • Zelena: I know everything about him.

  • Zelena: His most used words for me are "fool" and "wench."

  • Zelena: His undies have little images of books and cups on them...I have no...clue why.

  • Regina: You do realize that Belle is going to murder you, right?

- But Zelena have bigger tits than Belle.
- Oh yes, I should dump my true love for the woman who killed my son because her breasts are bigger.
Tags: robert carlyle

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    Breeze the baby horse is all grown up, but still sleeps with his teddy years later

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    there’s a hummingbird called the booted racket-tail and i actually dont really have anything to say beyond like. dude. look at him

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