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pigs can't fly... they swim :)

just wanted to tell one wonderful story. i read about this not long time ago andI can't believe this.
on the beaches of Big Major Spot Island, the Bahamas, a family of brown and pink boars and piglets live freely on the sandy white beaches and swim in the tropical surf ! yes, yes, that's true. we have real swimming pigs!!! wow!

these pigs are a popular attraction in this area of the bahamas. who knew pigs could have such a relaxing life. :)
we are talking about domestic pigs, dumped on a little Island to fend for themselves. quickly recognizing that there was a living to be made in the tourist trade, the pigs swim out to approaching dinghies to pose for pictures and beg for food.

the pigs are clearly at ease with humans and have come to equate the sound of a dinghy motor with food. as soon as you approach the beach, they start waddling toward the water. and if you toss a few tidbits in their direction, they will paddle out toward you. o my god, it's so sweet. I'd give you some pictures. you also may look some video on YouTube.)))








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