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Favorite Insults of Immortals

1. "You call that a sword?"
2. "I could take your head with a pair of scissors!"
3. "Your head is not worth taking."
4. "Kronos? Isn't that something you put on your car to make it shiny?"
5. "Duncan MacLeod? Never heard of him."
6. "Cassandra? Is that with a 'K' or a 'C'?"
7. "Ooh, I am sooo scared. What you going to do, take my
head with your nails and teeth?"
8. "Mi casa es su casa." Translates roughly as, "I can come on your series
whenever I please."
9. "I have a harem and you don't!"
10. "I can smile better, and I have a good rear."

Slogans for Highlander Beer

1. Highlander Beer - And you thought your beer was old
2. Richie tested, Methos approved
3. If it's cheap, it's good
4. Any Horseman will tell you that Highlander Beer is as almost good
as raiding a village.
5. Hold on to your head
6. This beer has the best head in town except for your own
7. Good for the toes and for the nose.
8. Watcher tattoo included
9. 1,000 years old and over get a free discount
10. Brewed with 5,000 secret ingredients

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