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adrian about how to be daddy :)

adrian twitted recently

-  Xmas tree made it up n lit. Decoratn it while r dawter is showin us her sad, happy crazy expres. Oh boy.Now she's tapn my face w scotch tpe.

- my dawter likes 2 punch n slap me. I asked her if she hits her mommy, like that.. "no". Then why me? "Cuz I love you"..Wot do u say to that?

- Merry Christmas to u all. We had a fun Xmas watching a little girl instead of a baby opening presents n wondering when Father Xmas was comn

- This'll be the last time I will ever go 2 Disneyland on a holiday. Crowds were ridiculous. Now 7.30 n takn Disney train around 4 last look

- At disneyland with the family. Wow it's packed Not the best day to come but at least it's a beautiful day.

- Ah yes, quote of the week. My daughter said" I eat healthy, healthy healthy my boobies are getting bigger...we r sooooo in trouble.


be brave, highlander! always be hero for your little ones.  ))))))))

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