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what is the love? by eyes of children

What is the love? By eyes of children

The group of researchers set to children from 4 till 8 years same QUESTION: "What love means?"
Answers have appeared much deeper and extensive, than someone in general could imagine to himself.

* When mine grandmother was ill with an arthritis, she could not bend down and paint nails any more onher  feet. And my grandfather constantly did it for her, even then, when his hands were ill with an arthritis too.
It is love.
Rebecca, 6 years

* If someone loves you, he is an especial way says your name. And you you know that your name is in safety, when it in his mouth.
Bills, 4 years

* The love is when you go somewhere to eat and you give somebody the most part of the fried potato, without forcing it to give you something in exchange.
Chrissy, 6 years

* The love is that, it forces you to smile, when you have got tired.
Terry, 4 years

* The love is when my mum makes coffee to my daddy, and test a drink before to give this cup to him, to be convinced that it tasty.
Danny, 7 years

* The love is when you say to the boy that his shirt is pleasant to you, and he wears it then every day.
Noel, 7 years

* The love is when your puppy licks your face, even after you had left it in loneliness for all day.
Mary-Ann, 4 years

* When you love somebody, your eyelashes all time fly up and fall, upwards-downwards, and from under them asterisks are strewed.
Caren, 7 years

* The love is when mum sees the daddy in a toilet and does not think that it is strange.
Mark, 6 years

* If you do not love, you in any case should not speak "I love you". But if you love, should tell it constantly.
People forget about it.
Jassica, 8 years

Well, and at last - author Leo Baskaglia has explained once sense of this interrogation.
Its purpose was to find the most careful child.

And so, the winner became four-year kid, whose old neighbour has lost recently his wife.
Having seen that the man cries, child has come to him into a court yard, has climbed to him on knees and simple sat there.
When his mother asked what such he told to the neighbour, the boy answered: "Nothing. I have simply helped him to cry".
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