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Robert Carlyle about Mr.Gold & Rumplestiltskin

robert's short interview from paley fest 2013.
he talks rather fast and animated.
so here is the transcript.

Reporter: The thing I like so much about your character is that there seems to be at least four or five different versions of Gold and Rumple. (RC: Aye...that’s right.) How many would you say that there are?

RC: That’s a good question. I haven’t really counted it out. I’d say there’s a least one, two, three, four, probably five I would think, in actual fact. You know, the guy said I was playing two parts, I’m actual playin’ (playing) five. I should be demanding more money, I think. (grinning with a small laugh)

Rep: But each one of the versions of the character has a slightly different accent, a slightly different mannerism, and all of that. How do you keep track?

RC: Well, you know inna a (in a) way, that’s, that’s how, how you’re able to do it in a sense. Well, how I’m able to do it, in a sense, is to try and make them different because that, then I know that’s that guy, he talks like that, and he moves like that. If these where kinda (kind of) merged together to much, it would start to become really, really wooly. So, ah, right from the word go I wanted to make ahh Gold entirely different from the Rumplestiltskin we see at the beginning of the first season. Ah, to make him very, very calm, you know, very much in control. Where on the other side you’ve got Rumplestiltskin who’s crazy. You know, and ah, capable of anything. So, all the way along, I’ve plotted this graph to make, what I call, I’ve got two names; Rumplestiltskin early, limp. And you’ve got the Dark One. At that point he’s very dangerous. And then you’ve got Rumple. I call him Rumple after that. He’s so old, he’s kind of lost the, the blood lust; that he becomes more kind of a ... he’s not, he’s not funny, but he can see the humor in situations. That he’s so, so, so old that he’s seen it all before.

Rep: Now is one version harder to play than any of the others?

RC: Ahhh, I think the Dark One is the hardest one to play, in actual fact. That’s the hardest one to play because he’s, uhm, you gotta be careful not to slip to far into humor. That’s why I try to inject a bit of humor into the show. I think it works, you know, with, with the later part of Rumple, but in the early part...(hand gesture) I think you oughtta (ought to) be careful with that.

Rep: Is Gold, is Gold the easiest then?

RC: Gold’s the easiest, but you know but probably emotionally the most difficult. Particularly in this season. Because he goes through the emotional wringer (hand gestures a circle) this time round.

look interview here:
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