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Robert Carlyle. Kindest Heart

Random I found this story of actor Tommy Flanagan. It was on page of Tommy’s fan and was addressed to everyone who know Robert Carlyle. This story tells us a lot about him.
And there I give us opportunity to read it too.


Well, obviously, my Tumblr page was created only for Tommy Flanagan, but we must not forget that there was a man behind Tommy’s success. Of course, all the credits and acknowledge go for Tommy, for his brave heart, inner strenght, determination, and talent. However, it hese would probably never be discovered, if it was not for a man called Robert Carlyle. Actor himself, at that time, in the Raindog Theater, he convinced Tommy to follow this career. Tommy had been brutally attacked, and stabbed, almost losing his life, and by the time he woke up in hospital, Robert, came to him, trying to convince him to become an actor.

Young Tommy, at that time, not knowing what to do with his life, because of that horrific knife attack, after thinking about his conversation with Robert, then decided to give it a go, even though he would say that acting was not for him. All Tommy had known until then, were the jobs of painter/decorator and DJ.However, soon after, before he knew, he found himself on a stage, terrified. He felt terrified, but he went for it, and he loved it! And who knows, something inspiration brings bigger inspiration. The passion, the fire in Tommy’s eyes when he acting
So, I guess…we all owe to Robert Carlyle, for his giant, and kindest heart, helping Tommy to decide what to do with his life after what he went through.

Thank you, Mr.Robert! If it was not for you, we, Tommy’s fans, wouldn’t have been blessed with having him in our lives, in a way or another! Our gratitude from all of us!


I have nothing to add to this. Story speaks all itself. Even more respect to Mr.Carlyle.
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