ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

OUaT S02E19: Meet Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Why I did NOT like the portrayal of Robin Hood here? You know Once Upon a Time frequently does this. They tell the viewers that person _______ is a “Hero.” And through no deductive reasoning of our own, we’re just supposed to accept that. But we don’t. We think for ourselves. Now concerning Robin Hood, let’s examine the facts.

Robin Hood broke into Rumple’s castle. Took one of his magic wands. Then, Hood tried to kill Rumple. Now, in what alternate universe does that make one “heroic”? And we know he was desperate, because Marion was sick, and pregnant. However, he could have approached the Blue Fairy, or made a fair trade for the wand...

Furthermore, to excuse Robin’s behavior, because he was desperate and lives were at steak, is to excuse the evil that the so-called “villains” commit. IMO, there was nothing “heroic” about Robin Hood’s actions. And we know some people may disagree, and that’s fine. We’ll agree to disagree.


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