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Second Star to the Right. Just a few notes


Of course Tamara jogs. Never trust a jogger.

Dr. Whale deserved what Gold did. He is a dog.

Neil is an idiot. Gold was 100% right about him carrying a torch for Emma and there being no point in getting to know Tamara. And Neil told Tamara WAY too much. And why does he always wear those dorky scarves and clothes from trash? How did the clever Bae grow up to be this stupid? And that “I wanted to love you” speech, so too little too late.

It seems as if it is more dangerous to have Emma love you than have a Robert Carlyle character love you. First poor Graham, then August, and now Neil...

Absolutely not loved the line “new-slash-old girlfriend”

Mary Margaret is a terrible judge of character. And gratingly ernest. First - "We are the family", then - "You are bad, bad, bad..."

The scenes with Lacy and Gold are a little “mob wife”. He kept making her go elsewhere while he did Business. Glad that ended.

The writers owe Robert Carlyle a big gift for making “because I do” seem a reasonable answer to why he had Regina’s tears. I am not loving this “Pretty Woman” version of Gold/Lacey.

In closing. It seems odd that they are already threatening to destroy the town. Little House on the Prairie waited until the end of the show to do that. After like 13 seasons. Just Sayin’

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