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Statue to the memory of Tombili, a beloved street cat of Istanbul, Turkey

This Famous Fat Cat Received A Statue in His Honor

Even if you never visited Istanbul, you probably have seen tons of pictures of him relaxing on benches and sidewalks throughout the town. No one knows if this lazy cat had a home of his own, but everyone in the neighborhood loved him and kept him well fed (obviously).

Sadly, Tombili (meaning "Chubbel" according to Google translate) became famous late in his life and passed away from an unknown illness in August. In his memory though, a petition started spreading online asking the city to errect a statue in Tombili's honor. The statue will be officially unveiled on October 4, but as you can see, it's already looking lazy and chill -just the way Tombili would have wanted it.

All Cats rule, but some are so awesome that statues are made to immortalize their fantastic feline selves. Such is the case for Tombili, a stout and friendly kitty beloved by the residents of Istanbul, who often photographed him lounging with impressive ease on the city’s sidewalks, steps, and curbs.

It’s unclear if Tombili was a street cat or if he actually had a home, but his full figure implies he was well fed either way. Sadly, Tombili passed away due to illness over the summer and his absence was so sorely felt that a petition was started asking the city to create a public statue in his honor.

Tombili’s statue, depicting him lounging in one of his favorite spots, is now complete and is being officially unveiled today. Other cats have already begun showing up to pay their respects to Tombili:

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