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Rumpelstiltskin — Charming sword fight

I really like Rumple in this!
Another thing that makes this scene, and of course Robert Carlyle even cooler is: I just found out tonight that this scene was actually pretty easy for him because he was a fencing champion when he was in drama school. He just keeps getting more awesome.

And even with two swords Charming still can't beat him. It's cute that he actually thought he could defeat the Dark One like that.

I love all Rumple's scenes in the finale, but I have to say, he looks sooo [OMG!] sliding off that log *coughleatherpantsahem* ... And the swordfight. Never thought we'd be lucky enough to see Robert Carlyle in a good swordfighting scene. (I swoon for hot men swordfighting.)

I like the relationship Rumpelstiltskin and Charming express here. Charming realizes that Rum isn't a complete monster and that he once loved like he did. It helps them later on.
"It must be protected at all costs."
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