ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

my lovely adam

I'm glad to introduce adam, my lovely cat

it's unusual cat who is very individual and has interesting history. my neighbor had five kitten. four of them were white angora as mama-cat, but one was red(!) with short fur. of cause my heart melted by him and he became mine.))

as I said he is unusual cat in many ways. for example he has no "meow" function and also no "mrrrrr" function. also he has a verrrry long tail. sometime I think he is monkey.)) and I don't even tell you about his character and habits!

he is very smart cat and he even choose his name himself. it's funny story. actually I tryed to give him another name, but he had no interest to this.

those days I watched my very loved tv show (guess which). as it turned out my kitten had very reaction on name 'adam pierson'.)))) each time he heared it from tv he jumped. when I call him as 'adam', he gladly came to me. actually this cat always was too adamish... so he became adam. this cat choose his name! :-)

ow, forget to say! my adam has a very big interest to beer.))) I think people which well known who adam pierson is will find this fact amusing.


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