ustas_fish (just_ustas) wrote,

Mr. Gold’s ducklings :-)

all they were in Tiny, Once Upon A Time, season 2, 2012

what people say:

Bobby and his missus make such pretty babies.

OMG they are his?
Fuckety fuck. Pure perfection. Aaaaw, how tiny they are.

Yup.  Ava’s the oldest (on the left) Harvey (on the right) is only nine, though; I bet he ends up taller than dad.  Pearce is the bitty one.

I think it’s funny because with the exception of perhaaappss Pearce, they look almost exclusively like Anastasia.

Yeah, they definitely have some her major features, but they are bits of Robert there, that you can tell instantly that...

Harvey definitely has a wee version of his dad’s nose.

Ok does anyone else think it’s adorable that both boys have the floof? They’re total mini-Bobbys,

Really, I think they are a perfect mix of their two gorgeous parents

Ah! I never noticed this! How adorable they got to be on Daddy’s show. :D Personally I see a lot of him in each of them....

* I'd say they are lovely

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